Federal Trademark Applications Filed Today

Business LawWhenever I file a Federal Trademark Application for a client I wonder why more business owners don’t file them.  I think it’s a lack of awareness of the incredible value they can bring to a company.  A manufacturing client I worked for had several Registered Federal Trademarks, in use for over 25 years.  These Marks became some of the most valuable assets of the company, more than its equipment and inventory.  Another client recently sold one of their Federally Registered Trademarks and received a hefty sum for it by selling it to a competitor.  You can use it to set up your own Franchise, or you can License your Mark – both ways that you as a business owner can create a stream of income for your company.  A trademark is created by use, and must be in use continuously in order to maintain it’s status.  For a Federal Registration, the use must be in “interstate commerce,” not just within one State.  With company websites so prevalent today the barrier to use in interstate commerce is much easier to overcome than in the past.  Consider creating, using and Registering a Federal Trademark.  It can be a very worthwhile investment.

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