Free Seminar Tomorrow On Basics of A Personal Injury Case

Personal InjuryThe basics of a personal injury case will be the topic of tomorrow’s free legal seminar at Anderson Legal, from dog bites to medical malpractice cases.  Anderson Legal has has actually had both types of cases.  There are certain structural issues which are similar across this wide range of injuries, and of course, many differences.  Learn how to spot common legal issues which arise in every day life and get tips on what to do if you are injured.  Anderson Legal collaborates with many different legal experts on cases such as this, and has access to specialized attorneys all across Minnesota and Wisconsin.  In one case which settled last year the award was over $1.5 million dollars.  Others range widely from over $100,000 to smaller settlements.  If you wonder if you have a viable legal claim, it is always smart to get your situation reviewed and analyzed.  Unless you reach out for legal opinions, you may never know.  There are strict Statutes of Limitations which apply to claims, where your case may be forever barred even if it is a good case, so don’t wait or you could lose your legal rights to a recovery.  Spots are still available for tomorrow’s session, so RSVP to Attorney Jeanne M. Anderson at 651-439-1389 or by an email to  The free seminar is from 11:00 a.m. to 12 Noon at 226 Myrtle Street East, Stillwater, MN  55082 at the Anderson Legal Conference Room.

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