New Notary Updates

This article was published on June 12, 2017, by the Minnesota Secretary of State.


Dear Minnesota Notary,

On Monday, July 10, 2017, the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State will introduce a new and updated website for the Notary Online System. This new service will greatly enhance usability for our new and existing notaries, county users and the general public.

New Notary Online Updates and Features

The new site provides a simplified look and feel for Notaries to update the residential, public and email address information, renew a commission, and print the notary commission certificate.

  • For security reasons, credit card is the only payment option permitted.
  • All notaries must create a new account and password to access their Notary Account information online. The account registration process requires a valid email address on record. If you do not have a valid email address on record, you will need to complete a paper Notary Application form and submit changes, including updated email address, by mail.
  • Email notifications will be sent when changes have been made to a Notary Commission on record, if an official email address is on file.
  • Updated Notary Commission Certificates include two Signature Lines (legal name and name as usually signed) for registering a commission at the county level.
  • An improved ‘Find a Notary’ search feature to locate a notary by commission number, name, city, county and business listing.
  • Notary Help is centralized in one area covering a wide variety of information on how to become a notary, file a renewal online, FAQ’s, and much more.
  • I hope this update is useful and beneficial to your great work on behalf of Minnesotans.


Steve Simon Secretary of State

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